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 Tony Portable Table Height Choices

17 Inches

19 Inches

21 Inches

23 Inches (Add $15.00)

Adjustable Leg Height

16.5 to 22.5  Add $95

18.5 to 24.5  Add $95

If you need a Portable Chiropractic Table for a sporting event,or where the table will be used regularly on soft graound.You WILL want to order the Straight legs instead of the curved.The straight legs on your Portable chiropractic table will give you better stability.

*Table heights are measured to the top surface of the table.

Upholstery Options

Upgrade Vinyl =5 layers

Standard vinyl= 3 layers  No Up charge

The premium vinyl upgrade $20 FIVE layers and  a thicker color layer. Basically the premium vinyl upgrade allows your portable chiropractic table to last longer, especially if you plan on using it frequently.

portable chiropractictable color chart

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